Do I really need Wedding insurance?

If you are planning a wedding then you may well ask the question... 'Do I really need wedding insurance?' For many people this may even be the first time they have even heard of wedding insurance as it's certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when planning a wedding.  Let's face it... there are far more interesting and exciting things to get carried away with such as the wedding venue, the dress, the cake, the food, the entertainment etc.  But the fact is more and more weddings are being covered as people realise the benefits of taking out cover.

The average cost of a wedding is well over £20,000, which represents a major financial commitment.  So ask yourself… can you afford not to take out insurance?  If you were to spend £20,000 on a new car would you consider not taking out insurance? Of course not, not only because it would be illegal, but you would absolutely want to protect your financial investment, well-being and personal liabilities.

It's the same with a wedding... It doesn't matter if it's a small wedding costing only £2000 or a big wedding costing £65,000. Just ask yourself what would happen if something did go wrong? What if you, your partner or a close family member falls ill leading to a last minute cancellation? What happens if your wedding venue goes into liquidation? What happens if one of your wedding suppliers goes out of business or fails to show up on the day? What happens if the weather is soo bad it prevents many of your guests coming to the wedding or forces the cancellation of your wedding? What happens if there is theft or damage to key items such as ceremonial attire, wedding rings, gifts, cake, flowers and photography?

The point here is that there are many things that could potentially go wrong and if you don’t have wedding insurance in place then apart from the obvious emotional impact it would have you could also be left seriously out of pocket.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough as it, without having the added worry about something going wrong.  With prices starting from as little as £20 it's a relatively small price to pay for added peace of mind and protection on your wedding day!  So I ask you... can you really afford not to take out cover?


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