Sister has Cardiac arrest at Sisters wedding

I just watched an interview on BBC with Carly Williams and her sister Jodie.  In July, Carly was a bridesmaid at her sisters £70,000 wedding in London where shortly after walking down the aisle she collapsed and had a cardiac arrest!  To watch the video and read the article check out the following:

Listening to the interview and reading the events of the day it must have been truly shocking and scary experience for all involved.  Carly was only 34 and had no symptoms or warnings that something was wrong.  One minute she was fine and looking forward to celebrating her sister’s wedding and the next she was fighting for her life.

Luckily, there were guests at the wedding who understood what was happening and performed emergency CPR on Carly and thankfully their quick actions helped save her life.  It was also lucky that the wedding venue was close to St Thomas, which is a specialist Heart Hospital in London.

A few days later after coming out of a medically induced coma in the hospital she learned that her sister had called off the wedding.  Given the circumstances it was impossible to continue with the wedding and of course Jodie’s main concern was for her sisters health and wellbeing.  

But just take a moment to imagine for one second something like that happening on your big day!  What would happen if you, your partner or a close family member were to fall ill on or shortly before the wedding and you had to cancel?  This would be totally devastating to all concerned.  Of course the only thing that truly matters in these circumstances would be the health and wellbeing of the person who has fallen ill and them making a full recovery.

However, after the event the other factor you would then have to consider is the financial cost.  Typically, by the day of the wedding you would have most likely had to pay all your wedding suppliers and the chances are that if the wedding was cancelled last minute you may not be entitled to get any of your money back.    

The good news is that the financial cost does not need to be a worry or a consideration in these circumstances.  Wedding insurance provides cover for cancellation due to death or illness of the bride and groom or a close relative upon whom the wedding depends.  You can take out a policy to cover the total cost of the wedding in the event of cancellation. So, God forbid if something like this was to happen on the lead up to your wedding day, then at least you would not have to worry about the financial impact.    

When you are planning your wedding day there are so many things to think about and arrange that it’s easy to forget about the little things, like wedding insurance.  Its normally one of the cheapest things you can purchase for your wedding and when you consider the cost in comparison to the level of cover it provides it should be a no brainer.  Just as an example at Wedinsure we offer 9 levels of cover to cover cancellation costs from £7,500 up to £70,000 and the prices range from just £29 to £195.  A small price to pay for added peace of mind and financial protection on your wedding day. 

As for Carly, it’s great to see she is on the road to recovery.  Carly and her sister Jodie are now actively campaigning on behalf of the British Heart Foundation to raise awareness and knowledge of CPR through the Restart a Heart Campaign.  To find out more about this great cause and how you can get involved check out the link below:


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