Wedding Dress Supplier Goes out of Business

Everyday at Wedinsure we hear of things that unfortunately happen and go wrong that can have a major impact on a couples wedding.  Planning a wedding is stressful enough as it is even when things go smoothly, let alone when things go wrong!  We heard recently of a wedding dress supplier in Blackpool going out of business suddenly leaving many brides-to-be completely devestated.  We all know how important the 'dream' wedding dress is and I really feel for those brides who are no doubt in a state of shock not really knowing if they have a dress, if they have lost all their money or deposits or if they have to go and buy a new dress and so on. Here is a link to the news article from the Blackpool Gazette from the 18th April:

Blackpool Gazette - Dan Kerr Brides closes suddenly - leaving couples panicking about their weddings

For the fortunate ones who have wedding insurance in place then at least they don't have to worry about the financial impact.  Wedding insurance provides cover for these very circumstances so in the event your wedding dress supplier goes out of business then at least you know you are covered.  Unfortunately, for those who have not taken out cover then it's already too late and they will have to try and get their dress or money back by other means. 

As I mentioned at the very beginning, we hear about things like this every day... 'my wedding venue has gone into administration', 'my wedding dress supplier has ceased trading'... The fact is that many couples simply don't consider the risks of what can go wrong. Instead, they get caught up in the excitment of planning their dream wedding.  That's the way it should be for all couples planning their big day. But as this blog and article above shows, things can and do go wrong! So my advice to everyone planning a wedding no matter how big or small is to consider taking out wedding insurance to give you greater peace of mind and protection from the potetnial pitfalls and issues that can arise in planning your perfect day!

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