Wedding guest from Hell!

Planning a wedding is exciting and stressful at the same time and never more so than when it comes to the guest list!  You can spend days and weeks deliberating with your partner working on the perfect guest list and debating whether Great Auntie Joan who you haven't even seed for 20+ years should come to the wedding or not.  Who should come? Who should sit where? Who gets on? Who doesn't get on? Who drinks too much? Who doesn't drink?... and so on.  The point being is that it can be a bit of a minefield.  Now luckily for the vast majority of couples there is absolutely nothing to worry about and guest behave and everyone has a great time.  However, as this article in the Metro from 27th April shows... Some guests can be a bit of a nightmare!

Metro - Couple kicked out of own Tower of London wedding after drunk army officer went wild

Now there are some things you need to consider when arranging a wedding and public liability insurance is one of the key things that most couples will need to take out.  In fact, many venues make it a mandatory requirement.  Public liability provides cover for couples and their guests in respect of injury to a third party or damage to their property.  Not all wedding insurance suppliers offer it as standard so it's important to look at the various cover levels and what is and isn't included.  Some do offer it, but often it's only for the bride and groom and doesn't cover guests.  Some offer up to £1m in benefit and others offer up to £2.5m and others up to £5m.  So it depends on the venue and what level of cover they require you to have in place.  But as a minimum it would normally be advisable to make sure you have a wedding insurance policy that provides a public liability cover for you and your guests.

At Wedinsure, we offer public liability as standard on all cover levels for the Bride and Groom and furthermore on Tier 3 and above we also extend this to Guest Puiblic Liability as standard as well.  So again, when you are planning your wedding, make sure you consider taking out wedding insurance to provide that added peace of mind and protection on your big day!        


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