Wedding Insurance Claims

Your wedding day should be remembered for all the right reasons and luckily for the vast majority of couples that will be the case.  A fun filled day, full of joy and merriment spent with family and friends that leave many happy memories lasting a lifetime.  However, with over 245,000 weddings a year in the UK it’s inevitable that some don’t always go according to plan. 

Weddings generally speaking can be quite complicated events with many different wedding suppliers, logistical considerations and external factors (e.g. weather) that all play a crucial part in the big day.  There is the venues for the ceremony and reception, the catering, the photographer, the cake, the flowers, the wedding dress and other ceremonial attire, hair and make-up, accommodation, entertainment, decorations, transportation and so the list goes on!  So unfortunately, with so many moving parts things can and do go wrong.

As a wedding insurer we get calls and emails from customers on a regular basis needing our help.  Things like damage to the wedding dress, the photographer not showing up, dress companies going out of business, lost wedding gifts, venues going into administration, adverse weather and even last minute medical emergencies.  Weddings can be stressful enough as it is even when things go smoothly, so when things do go wrong they can have a significant emotional and financial impact. 

In 2017, over 57% of our claims was due to failure of wedding suppliers.  This is by far the most frequent and common cause of wedding insurance claims.  That’s not surprising when you consider there are literally tens of thousands of wedding suppliers in the UK, and inevitable some do go out of business.  Cancellation has to be one of the worse types of claims as often this is due to a serious illness of the bride and groom or a close relative.  Another factor that can cause a last minute cancellation is adverse weather such as snow and floods.  In 2017, 13% of our claims were due to cancellation with a further 13% due to loss or damage to ceremonial attire such as the wedding dress.  We had one customer who whilst steaming her dress just a few hours before the wedding managed to burn a hole through the front of her dress.

Planning your wedding is fun and exciting, so its easy to get carried away with it and forget about the little things like wedding insurance.  Nobody wants to think about what could go wrong and many people just think it will never happen to them.  But as the above clearly demonstrates, for the unfortunate few things can and do go wrong.  With the average cost of a wedding in excess of £27,000 the financial risk can be immense.  So purchasing wedding insurance can provide added peace of mind and financial protection in the event things don’t go to plan.   

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