Wedding Statistics Infographic

Did you know the combined spend on weddings in the UK is over £10 billion per annum?  That's a staggering amount of money that people spend on their big day!  

The infographic below provides some interesting statistics on the wedding market and represents some of the key trends we are seeing in the industry today.  Some of the key highlights are as follows:

  1. Combined spend of £10bn
  2. Average of 250,000 weddings per annum
  3. August is the peak month for weddings followed by July & September
  4. Average number of invited guests is 96
  5. Average age of the bride & groom is 32
  6. The average price of a wedding dress is more than the combined total of the flowers, transport and cake
  7. The average total cost of a wedding including stag do and hen do is over £35,000
  8. We estimate less than 30% of weddings are covered by wedding insurance
  9. Failure of suppliers is the number one reason for claim follwed by cancellation due to illness
  10. The average cost of wedding insurance cover is £45.56

If you are planning your big day then it makes sense to consider taking out wedding insurance.  At wedinsure we offer 9 levels of cover starting from as little as £20.  A small price to pay for added peace of mind and financial protection!  


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