Wedding Venue Goes Bust Leaving Couples in the Lurch!

Without doubt one of the most fundamental and most defining aspects of any wedding is the venue itself.  Both the ceremony and reception venues play a crucial role in ensuring the bride and groom and the guests have a truly memorable and enjoyable day.  From the moment someone says 'I Do' the hunt for the perfect wedding venue is on and usually it take months of searching to find the 'perfect' venue.

So imagine after all that hard work, searching for the perfect venue and the months of planning, then one day completely out of the blue you find out your wedding venue has just gone into administration and can no longer honour your wedding!  This is quite frankly one of the most stressful things that can happen to anyone planning a wedding and has a huge emotional impact. Unfortunately, this is the reality for some couples and no matter how careful the planning things like this can and do happen.

I read an article today in the East Anglian Daily Times highlighting this very real risk.  With only weeks before the actual wedding day this unfortunate couple from Suffolk found out that their wedding reception venue, The Limes Hotel, in Needham Market, locked up suddenly on Friday May 17, leaving many customers in the lurch.  David Elmer, 36, and bride-to-be Alinka Osmanksa, 34, first found out about the sudden closure earlier this week.  Mr Elmer, who proposed to Miss Osmanksa on Valentine’s Day 2016, said they have already paid £1,000 to the hotel and currently they do not know if they will get their money back.

The Limes Hotel Needham

Not only is this a hugely stressful and emotional nightmare for any couple planning a wedding, it can also be extremely costly!  The wedding and reception venue is normally one of the biggest costs in the wedding budget.  With the average cost of a wedding in excess of £27,000 this means a typical wedding reception will cost around £5000-£6000 to hire with the cost of catering a further £7000 on average. That's why more and more couples are purchasing wedding insurance to provide them with added protection and peace of mind from potetnial disasters just like this!  


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